November 29, 2012

I don’t know about you ladies, but I personally find gifts for men extremely tricky. And thank God I don’t have any brothers because I wouldn’t know where to start. Every year, finding a gift for my father and my boyfriend is not a piece of cake which is why I usually like to get it out of the way as soon as possible, and I fully intend to.

Last year, I got my father a leather cufflink box from Smythson, it was a brilliant idea… so is the leather watch roll. but this time around I’ll have to be creative or simply go for the good old basics such as a nice pair of gloves or a scarf. Have you started thinking about your gift to Monsieur ? What do you get for the man who has everything? Maybe getting a gift online isn’t such a bad idea after all.

By the way, how cool are these silver USB cufflinks ? If your boyfriend is a spy (or pretends to be) this is perfect gift.

1. Smythson leather cufflink box (smaller version here), 2. Alexander McQueen skull cufflinks

3. Lanvin knot cufflinks, 4. Gift Boutique Polished silver USB cufflinks (gold here)

5. Loro Piana cashmere -lined leather gloves (black leather version at a lower price)

6. Vilebrequin Swim Shorts, 7. J.Crew otton pyjama set

8. Visionaire Fashion special limited edition portfolio in Louis Vuitton case

9. J.Crew Crocodile-embossed flask, 10. J.Crew cashmere beanie, 11. Paul Smith money clip

12. Mulberry leather card wallet (more alternatives here)

13. Dunhill navy cashmere and silk scarf (more here)

14. Ray-Ban original aviator sunglasses (more sunglasses here)

15. Smythson iPad case. 16. Bottega Veneta leather key ring

17. Assouline : American Fashion Menswear

18. Brooks Brothers book “How to be a gentlemen” (more options here)

19. Gift Boutique Poker Set, 20. Aesop Grooming kit

Speaking of menswear, stay tuned for the launch of a brand new website for men’s fashion on December 1st :

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  • Philippe Philippe

    13, 15 ,16 ,20 sont top top !

  • elena


  • Nena
  • natacha

    Quelle bonne idée d’article ! Bravo :)

  • Barby Grey

    I always have problem what to buy, but I found some IPhone app and it
    easier now :) App its very nice. It asks you questions about
    relationship and his character and stuff about what kind of gift you
    want. In the end it gives you suggestions, of course you can set the
    budget and also his birthday reminder. Its cute and useful, I am sure
    they have bunch of good suggestions as well have DIY ideas, It is called
    What to get my boyfriend.

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