July 28, 2014





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Net-A-Porter is my ultimate favorite online destination. So, I bet you can imagine how excited I was when they recently launched a new lifestyle category called Net-A-Sporter (brilliant play on words, I have to say). Every woman, from each discipline will be able to find an appropriate outfit. Personally, I find it very difficult to find trendy looking workout clothes online and I was really taken away by Net-A-Sporter‘s selection, and not only for apparel, I was pleasantly surprised to find workout props such as yoga mats, and last but not least food supplements.

I’ve been doing yoga for years now and it’s really a discipline that I love because it really keeps me grounded and I love the philosophy behind this beautiful practice. For this collaboration, I picked a pair of black leggings with shiny/wet look panels from Bodyism, for an edgier look. It’s clearly not your average black leggings. I also selected a tank top from Nike and a yoga mat from Liforme, which is honestly one of the best ones out there. If you’re looking for a mat with a good grip, this one is for you. Besides, it comes with a carry case which makes it even more convenient if you’re always on-the-go just like I am.

Many of you who often ask me where I practice my yoga in Geneva, my favorite studio is Insens in the city center and in London, I strongly recommend the JivaMutki Center.

Photos by S.H.

Top: Nike

Leggings: Bodyism

Mat: Liforme

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