August 7, 2017

As an Egyptian, I couldn’t be more honored and proud to collaborate with another Egyptian brand : Azza Fahmy – that celebrates my beloved country’s hand-craftsmanship, which is also known as the combination of metals (sterling silver and solid gold) intertwined with precious stones embellishments like ruby, amethyst and diamonds.

Azza Fahmy a fine jewelry brand that I was introduced to recently and fell in love with its symbolism that captured the essence of the Egyptian savoir-faire in a very exquisite and refined manner. Every piece is unique, and the amount of work behind every piece is considerable and flirts with art, culture, and a play on historical references mixed with contemporary. Fun fact, my grandmother and Azza Fahmy herself happen to know each other and even traveled to China together many years ago. Hearing my grandmother talk about the brand and the humbleness of the designer only confirmed my assertions about Azza Fahmy.

Azza Fahmy turns art, history and contemporary references into a wearable piece of art. For a brand that has been established almost 50 years ago and it’s one of the rarest jewelry brand I have encountered that is so keen to preserve their artisanal skills and techniques, such as Filigree and  Ajouré that involves fine wire work. I was surprised to find out that the brand employs 200 people including 20 craftsmen/women at their headquarters and design & production facility in Cairo.

In this post I picked 18ct gold and trade-mark metal mix of 18ct gold and sterling silver pieces from Azza Fahmy’s new collection ‘Wonders of Nature’ designed by her daughter and Head of Design, Amina Ghali; and I wanted to show the beauty of these pieces which transition perfectly from day to night and can be the perfect addition to a simple outfit. The funny story is that I was always very drawn to the snake symbol, perhaps because I was born on the year of the snake in Chinese astrology and therefore I have an emotional relationship to it.

I was told that Ancient Egypt is where the earliest written cultural records exist with the serpent appearing at the beginning to the end of their mythology. In the 19th century, the snake symbol continued to gain in recognition throughout the years with many different interpretations including wisdom, rebirth, ever-lasting love to desire and sexuality, as we know it in the western culture. Much later on in 1939, Prince Albert gave Queen Victoria a continuous snake with an emerald head as her engagement ring to signify his eternal love.

With that said, it goes without saying that when it comes to jewelry, I love to mix and match, therefore I was happy to style Azza Fahmy’s pieces in my everyday bohemian chic summer outfits and show a modern yet approachable way of wearing those pieces.













 For more information, visit Azza Fahmy 

Double Headed Serpent Bangle, 18ct Gold with textured finish (stones:  Diamond, sapphire and ruby)

Serpent Hoop Earrings, 18ct Gold with part texture finish (stones: Diamond & ruby)

Double Finger Ring, 18ct Gold & Sterling silver. (stones: Purple Amethyst, Diamonds & Ruby)

Peasant Style Earrings, 18ct Gold (stones: 30ct Blue Topaz & 2.5ct Amethyst)

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  • Léa Montavon

    The snake ring is my favorite. Azza Fahmy has a very nice collection. Thanks for making me discover it 🙂

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