September 7, 2013

Hello from New York City. Super excited to be here and the weather is simply fantastic. So far, The city has treaten me right and it’s been quite hectic. Today I’m going to the Tibi show and will get you a full report! It’s going to be a great experience.

For the occasion, I saved this post for today, I’m wearing my favorite sweater from the Fall/Winter 2013 collection and I have another one, brand new that I can give to one of my readers. YES, you heard right, a GIVEAWAY! How does that sound? Isn’t it amazing?

It’s such a statement piece and an easy one at the same time, trust me you don’t want to miss on this opportunity. Here are three things to remember :

1. You MUST like my Facebook page and follow me on instagram.

2. Like Tibi’s Facebook page + follow them on instagram.

3. Leaving a comment below by sharing with us your best memory/souvenir that involved fashion… We want to know! It doesn’t have to be long, but just tells us what happened and how it made you feel, I’m sure you have a great story to share!

Make sure you comment by subscribing your e-mail so we can get in touch with you!

You have until next Saturday the 14th of Sept at Midnight to participate  (GMT+1) – the winner will be picked by the Tibi team and I and will be announced and Sunday. The sweater will be shipped to you the next day (international shipping!).

Good luck to all of you !












 Sweater : Tibi (worn in XS)

Skirt: H&M (similar here)

Bracelet: Pascale Monvoisin

Ring: Jennifer Zeuner

Pouch: Celine

Shoes: Valentino

Photos by Lina Bessonova

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  • Gorgeous sweater, and I just love the Valentino heels!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Lavinia Maisto

    My best “fashion souvenir” was when I received a lot of like on my first fashion article on Tasc.it ” The fashion blogger”. I love Fashion so much and therefore It was really a great honor for me and for my work! I hope to continue to work for Fashion! <3

    Thanks for this opportunity Soraya 🙂

    My mail is: lavinov87@yahoo.it

  • Valerie Englebert

    My best fashions souvenirs were when I used to be a booker for a famous belgian models agency ( with famous belgian models like Tanga, Hannelore or Ann-Catherine Lacroix) called Vision by Steff and had the chance to work with famous models, photographs, famous agencies and designers like Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester or Nathan.
    I wish I would still be working in fashion…
    Thank you for the great giveaway Soraya!
    My email is: englebert.valerie@gmail.com

  • H Shibu

    My favourite fashion memory is when I found an Alexa mulberry bag in a charity shop for three pounds!
    My email is: arb10hs@sheffield.ac.uk

  • Leslie

    Hi Soraya! My best fashion souvenir memory was a leather embossed snakeskin bag I bought in Venezuela. It had some great details and leather fringe come from the front. I still wear were it now and I bought it over 10 years ago. Never would of thought I would still use it now but every time I wear the bag, it makes me think of my trip to Venezuela! Such a beautiful country, full of great and friendly people! Love traveling and wish I could go to a different country every year!

  • Flavia

    Hi Soraya!
    My very best memory related with fashion happend two years ago at the Fashion Days Zurich 2011. I was attending the Roberto Cavalli show with a friend of mine. Our seats were situated in the very last row (the 13th to be precise), but some minutes before the show actually started, we were asked to move to the frontrow. Of course we did so without complaining. 😉 It was sush a great feeling sitting there and beeing able to a close look to all those wonderful pieces of fashion. I still love to see the photos taken this evening!
    xo Flavia

  • Bianca Rogoveanu

    Hi ! Well, last year i went on vacation with my parents and i bought a traditional “ie romanasca” , which in my country is the traditional handmade piece of clothing !
    You can google search, they are truly beautiful! Is the king of my closet ! Kisses

  • Afef

    My best fashion related memory is when at the age of 6 or 7 I chose my own outfit for my birthday, I chose a striped dress and little ballerina flats. My tastes haven’t changed in almost 20 years 😉 I just love watching these pictures with my mother who is able to remember how and when I chose the outfits I was wearing !
    So excited for this giveway! I just love Tibi!!

  • Natalie Gossett

    My best fashion memories involve my mom. We would go shopping and if we found something that both of us liked, we both bought it, but we would never wear the same thing at the same time!! So…whoever put on the newly bought item first got to wear it, the other person had to change clothes!

  • morganed

    My best fashion memory was when I bought my first nice bag, a piece I know I’ll love for a long time. I mean, that feeling ! The sweater is amazing, fingers crossed !

  • scarrozza francesca

    i have always admired a 30 years old picture of my mum and my late uncle, going to prom with this pink silk jumpsuit.
    For my 25th birthday my aunt gave it to me as present ..and there was a 2 decade beautiful piece . Dont know why but felt overwhelmed first time i wore it.

  • dorota radziszewska

    For me, you’re the best, you have your unique style and you’re very fashionable at the same time, I check your blog every day and always wants more!! 🙂

  • Marianne Encina

    My first fashion memory was when I was 5 and I remember insisting on wearing this neon yellow skirt that was way too small for me. I ended up falling while running because it really was too tight. I even ended up having to get stitches but I was happy to be wearing my neon yellow skirt! haha 🙂

  • Florence Campbell

    When I was 10 we took a day trip to barecelona when on holiday. I was overwhelmed with all the amazing clothes and shoe shops, I was in heaven. The spice girls were big at the time and I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw this particular shop had lots of huge platform shoes, just like the spice girls. I got this pair of black wedged platform trainers and thought I was so cool. My love for shoes has continued ever since!

    This is an awesome competition thanks so much. Fingers crossed I win!


    Flo xx

  • Afsoun Khalatbari

    My best fashion memories involve shopping with my mom. She is always chic and I love her taste in clothes. Thank you for this interesting giveaway.

  • Eline | onhighheels.be

    My first fashion related memory has to be when I was a little girl (around 7) and I was obsessed with clothes, always playing with my Barbie’s, dress them up and design clothes out of paper, some old fabrics I got from my mom, that I copied, out of fashion catalogs or magazines. It’s funny to look back and to see 15 years later, fashion is still my big passion. I graduated this year as a visual merchandiser and I’m working on my blog every day! Winning this sweater would be awesome!

  • nancy wu

    best is vintage jewelry shopping when travelling. I always have a piece to remember the city by.
    Liked on insta and FB @nance428


  • Ka Elle

    I am from France, country of fashion !!!! And my best memory involving fashion was when I walked accross the Champs Elysées and Avenue Montaigne for the first time, just felt like a star walking on a red carpet, eyes sparkling like a Christmas tree with all those beautiful boutiques !!! Nowadays, I can say that all your beautiful outfits are my best memory involving fashion, and when I am able to buy one piece of your glamourous outfits, I go back to that special feeling 😉 you can imagine my feeling if I won this Tibi sweater, I would just feel like a star like Beyoncé (another Tibi fan 😉
    Fingers crossed and thank you so much Tibi and you for this beautiful giveaway !!
    email : kl42400@gmail.com

  • naomip

    When I discovered some vintage YSL dress shirts in my fathers closet and I revealed my findings to my brother. Ahh, the playful tug o’ war that ensued. So I discovered we share a similar taste in fashion.


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  • Holly von Bock

    My husband bought me a vintage1920’s gold ring from Paris for my birthday a couple of years ago. Every evening before bed time, my two year old daughter has a little peek into my dressing table & tries that ring on. For me, it’s as old as her (although it’s 90 years old) and hopefully she will always love it & wear it when she is older x

  • Jamie Myers

    The first time I ever visited New York I was 14, and the one place I was dying to go was the Chloe boutique. Stella McCartney was the designer at the time, and THE Kate Moss jeans had just come out. Of course, I had to try them on, but they didn’t have my size 🙁 I was so distraught until I saw a little glimmer across the store – the sunglasses section. I tried on a pair of the aviators with the little crystal heart – the ones Gisele wore on the cover of VOGUE – and it was love at first sight. I have never been so proud as when I walked out of the store with that little bag, with an item I had only ever seen on the pages of a magazine at home in Alabama. In that moment, fashion became REAL to me, and even though I routinely clean out my closet, those sunglasses – and their memories – will never leave me.


  • Rana

    My best fashion souvenir was when a couple of years ago one of my favourite multi-brands boutiques in Beirut did a 90% sale on their old collection! It was crazy but now I own in my closet amazing pieces by Christopher Kane, Alexander Wang and even Tibi at a fraction of their cost, pieces i probably would have never been able to afford. It was a happy moment.


    When I first saw Sex and the City !!!! Carrie Bradshaw ; such an amazing fashion icon !! and it appeared that the first episode I saw was when she was choosen so as to do a catwalk show as a model and she felt down on the floor !!!!! This episode was so funny and it was so dramatically intense before she appeared on the catwalk and then so funny when she felt down !!!! These two feelings sum up what fashion has to be according to me : intensity and fun !!!!!

  • Magda

    The best was when I went to visit my grandma last summer. She wanted to clean her wardrobe…and there I was…taking all her great shirts and silk dresses! I finally felt like a princess. I have shorten them and I must say…I get appraisals every single then since…Now I just need to find other closets to get my vintage look up to date!


  • Rana

    My best fashion souvenir was when a couple of years ago one of my favourite multi-brands boutiques in Beirut did a 90% sale on their old collection! It was crazy but now I own in my closet amazing pieces by Christopher Kane, Alexander Wang and even Tibi at a fraction of their cost, pieces i probably would have never been able to afford. It was a happy moment. rana.mgh@gmail.com

  • ne-knopka

    My best fashion souvenir memory was a shoes (nando muzzi) I bought in Italy.The first time I was in Italy.



  • Smaragda Petri

    When my dream came true studying fashion at Istituto Marangoni!
    Smaragda Petri

  • Stella Vasileiou

    My best fashion souvenir was when my mom gave me an old watch from her grandmother.. I love it and I like to wear this vintage watch daily.

    my email. stellavsl@gmail.com

  • Noor Al Baya

    My best memory was definitely when I went to Paris! Just standing in the middle of Avenue Montaigne, walking through the street with the most iconic stores in the world, and then buying my first Giuseppe Zanotti heels, was abolsutley insane for me. Paris in general made me love fashion for its quirks and how its art, your own art.

  • Jude

    My best memory about fashion is when I left home for college. I started discovering the fashion industry. I’ve always loved shopping and all type of style clothes but I started focusing more on trend and brands that I didn’t know existed. My favorite souvenir I got was these zara black booties shoes my sister got me in Chicago! They are the perfect booties for all season long! Sadly we done have zara stores where I’m from so having that gift was awesome!


  • Beshi

    Being a bag addict, finding a designer tremendously beautiful bag at a bargaining price is always a favourite memorable fashion souvenir for me. A recent case has been a Celine trapeze bag, I am in Love!

  • Stephanie Goldstein

    My best fashion memory is the time I was in DVF in the Meatpacking just looking around when all of a sudden there she was, Diane! She was just walking around the store going about business as usual and I was star struck. I decided that I had to commemorate this moment by of course buying something so I left with a large shopping bag and the funnest memory. I bought the wallet that I currently use which says “Generosity is the best investment. Love Diane”


  • Yasmin Malecki

    Hey Soraya,
    Love your fashion blog! I stumbled across it over my obsession with Rita & Zia! Which is where I start my memorable fashion experience! I love jewellery and have not been inspired recently until last year I was visiting my fiancé in Geneva and we found the Rita & Zia concept store! Such an amazing find on a beautiful day in Geneva! Every time my love wants to buy me a gift he gets one from that store! I love the quality of her designs. So in summary Rita & Zia brought me amazing jewellery and introduced me to a fabulous fashion blogger! Second to this your Tibi jumper is gorgeous I would love to win this! The colour pop on a cold day is just perfect! Thanks Soraya for bringing great fashion ideas to me! yasminmalecki@gmail.com

  • Grazzia

    It was July 2004, NYC, @ the Jimmy Choo store. Bought my first Jimmy Choo boots ever. While browsing and looking at shoes and boots, with a model I liked in hands, I walked towards the lady at the store, whose back was facing me, to ask her to please bring me a pair to try on but then another pair of shoes caught my attention, literally seconds before I was about to say ‘excuse me, could you please ……’ …. The lady turns around and it was Nathalie Portman!! A beautiful pair of shoes saved me from major embarrassment! 🙂

  • Milla Winther

    Love your blog!!
    My best fashion memory/best buy: Mine burberry trench coat!

  • Righi Léa

    The best fashion souvenir that I have is when, in Geneva at Starbucks , I saw Soraya Bakhtiar ! She was dressed so well (like every time) and when I saw her I just wanted to be like her ! I took a picture with her and now each time I look at this picture, I want to be fashion like Soraya ! It wasn’t the first time that i saw her but each time that I see her I’m so happy ! I’m her best fan in Geneva and everywhere righi.lela@gmail.com

  • Brownie

    Hi Soraya!

    Every once in a while I go shopping with my grandmother. I give her advice
    about the clothing, we talk and go lunching together. Previous summer she
    wanted to shop with me again, but… this time in London!! It was so much fun! We
    stayed in a hotel in the centre of London, ate in lovely Italian restaurants
    and of course went shopping a lot! London is a very beautiful, inspiring
    city and a great place to shop!

    Greetings, Mieke

  • Fernanda Flores

    Hi Soraya!

    My best memory with fashion just happened this past week! I got the chance to be in NYC just in time for Fashion Week! I went there from my school to help at Ricardo Seco fashion show; It was amazing being surrounded with such talented beautiful people! Designers, models, stylists. Although I wish I was able to be at others shows! but this memory will be one Ill never forget. It was a dream came true! <3

    I hope to win this amazing sweater!
    I love Tibi designs and it will be such a honour to own it! <3

    Fingers Crossed!! Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

    -Fernanda Flores

  • alexa taylor


    My best memory, and souvenir, that involved fashion was when I bought my first piece of Chanel! Being the fashion obsessed girl that I am, Chanel has always had a special place in my heart. It was so amazing to finally be able to have my very own piece. My first Chanel was a great pair of espadrilles. It was also a very rewarding experience because I had been saving for awhile and it was nice to know I worked hard to buy them. Now I have them as a staple that will last me a lifetime as well as the memory of my first Chanel that was well earned!
    I think your blog is great and I look forward to your posts, and instagram pics!
    I think the sweater is great with the perfect amount of color

    amariet3@gmail.com – on Facebook under likes my name is “Alexa Marie” !

  • Cathya Lopez

    My best fashion memory is when I inherited a box of some of my moms favorite pieces from when she was in her twenties. They to this date remain my most prized possessions and I hope to continue this sweet tradition.

  • andrie

    My best fashion memory is when i went to blecker street in New York and i bought from Marc by Marc jacobs shop.It was amazing and inspiring city and a great place to shop!!!

  • bota_bo

    Hello, Soraya!

    My first best memory involved fashion was in childhood.
    We shopping with my mom and bought me a red jeans! I felt me a very fashionable! I wore them with a white cotton shirt!
    It was funny!

    xx, Bota.

  • Florence

    So my best Fasion memory….is more of a funny one…
    To set up the context, i work in finance, a very strict, dull and non excentric business but i am a fashionista at heart, obsessed with clothes, materials.. Etc ..
    One day i went to NYC with sone colleagues for a very serious meeting, of course i was the only women ! 😉
    While queueing for passport check in NYC airport, here she was the queen of French Vogue, the utmost inspirational Carine Roitfeld wearing a fabulous snake leather jacket and crazy platform shoes…. I got sooo excited, telling all my colleagues ‘OMG OMG.. Do you see, there is Carine Roitfeld just in front of us!’
    Of course none of them knew who she was and they were all looking at me as crazy since i got sooo excited about it…
    After 10 min starring at her in the line, finally decided to go there and tell her how amazing was her coat and that i loved het work… 10 min chit chatting later with that lovely women, i was in heaven … Was the subsject of all jokes in the next week but really felt that i touched this little magic world from very close … NYC you made me dream !!!

  • Shima Jamshidi

    My best fashion memory was being able to participate in Mercedes Benz Fashion week taking place for the first time in the Middle East ( Amman, Jordan). It was such an amazing experience, something I thought I would never be able to participate in being all the way in the Middle East. I have such a strong passion for fashion and modeling, this had given me the hope and will to try and build a portfolio to be able to do international shows! I believe now that anything is possible no matter where you are, as long as you’re determined to follow your dreams.

  • Carolina.Franceschin12

    Well, my best fashion memory/souvenir is concerned about my first pair of heels! I’ve bought them for the graduation exercises. I’ve felt like a princess:) I know it could seem an ordinary memory but… This is my BEST one:)
    Thank you Soraya and Tibi!
    XO Carolina

  • Aristoula Tzoumerkiotis

    My best fashion memory was when I bought my very first designer piece . It was a DvF justin wrap dress in famous sundial print. I was by then, 10 years ago, a student and a DvF dress was for me the ultimate desire. This print was everywhere sold out, so I made a very thorough investigation and I spotted this dress in a small city near Dusseldorf . The dress costed then roughly 370 Euro. this was a lot of money then for me.The owner, a very stylish person, saw that I wanted the dress desperately so she offered me to pay in small rates, so I could afford this dream piece.
    I wore this dress on many occasion, it travelled with me on many continents and I also wore it at a pre-evening party of my wedding.
    Since then many designer pieces made it in my closet. But this one I love very much, I was very young, not rich, and this dress made me feel like cinderella steps out in another glamorous world.

  • Isabel

    Hey Soraya !
    My best fashion memory is…. let me see…I guess the day when my mom,, for my 18th birthday, gave me as a present, diesel clothes, Armani underwear and high heels from Benoit Méléard ! I couldn’t believe it ! I usually buy clothes in shops like H&M, Zara, Stradivarius etc… . I felt very lucky in the moment.

    I love your blog, hope you enjoyed NY.
    My Email: Isabel2094@hotmail.com

  • Tracy El Ghazal

    As a Lebanese fashion blogger, having IT events in our country is rare but for me, the event of the year was definitely the Cavalli Caffe opening in Downtown Beirut last January. I didn’t imagine myself getting invited nor meeting Roberto Cavalli in person among other Lebanese stars. It was like a Winter black party where everyone dressed in black and I was wearing a black velvet suit from Zara with killer heels. At this same night, I met my boyfriend and since then we’ve been together for almost 9 months 🙂

  • Naja Vrettakou

    Best fashion memory: back in the nineties while in Rome I entered Valentino’s boutique just to take a look (no money in the pocket to buy anything). The saleswoman asked whether I was looking for anything particular, and of course I told her the truth: just taking a look, can’t buy anything… She insisted I stick with her so that she could show me in detail the pieces I was taking a look at. She showed me to a luxurious arm-chair, offered me coffee and as she explained everything regarding the fabrics and the sewing details etc, she concluded: you might not be able to buy anything right now, but some day you will! Guess who’s my go- to designer for quite some years now… How can I ever forget?

  • Aline Vermeiren

    Dear Soraya, looking back at the last few years I must state that there is one moment, let’s say period that was the best (fashion) experience of my life. I’ve had the chance to study at London College of Fashion (fashion merchandising & communication) and I do feel blessed to have been surrounded by so many talented people. Every day I lived in London was amazing, I love the city, felt heartbroken when I left and every time I think about my LDN fashion adventures I get all fuzzy inside… Thanks for the opportunity of sharing this with you! My contacts: aline@belmodo.tv; find me on instagram & twitter: @alinevermeiren xxxxxx Aline Vermeiren

  • Guest

    I love fashion, since i was born!
    And now, i’m finally beginning my Swiss fashion blog (work in progress but a plaisure to give you the adress when it will be ready:)

    My best memory AND souvenir of fashion is not so old… It was a few days ago… During the NYFW!
    Indeed I find out about my holidays in the Big Apple being during the fashion week, so I decided to have the perfect look all day & all night. Successful results!! Pictures, people asking me if i was invited to a show, for which designer I’m working for, compliments about my look, etc! That is the best motivation i can have to work hard for my blog. I’m so happy! People like my look… That’s a sign!:)

    With this wonderful pullover i’ll have some amazing shooting for my precious blog 🙂

  • Lau Rita

    Hi Soraya,

    I love fashion, since i was born!
    And now, i’m finally beginning my Swiss fashion blog (work in progress but a plaisure to give you the adress when it will be ready:)

    My best memory AND souvenir of fashion is not so old… It was a few days ago… During the NYFW!
    Indeed I find out about my holidays in the Big Apple being during the fashion week, so I decided to have the perfect look all day & all night. Successful results!! Pictures, people asking me if i was invited to a show, for which designer I’m working for, compliments about my look, etc! That is the best motivation i can have to work hard for my blog. I’m so happy! People like my look… That’s a sign!:)

    With this wonderful pullover i’ll have some amazing shooting for my precious blog 🙂

    Laura Cassani

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