October 3, 2013

Fashion Month may be over but business is not. The fun and frenzy is over. Back to work with extra hours of sleep. This whole has been…. exhausting. And I’ve only done 1 and a half fashion week (New York and one bit of Paris) and I’m happy to be home to a healthy and normal lifestyle. Going back to yoga, eating at normal hours (opposed to 4pm lunches at Costes), and walking in flats. Every season, I seriously ask myself, who do all these people manage to travel for 4 weeks in a row? How can one travel this much, socialize this much, and most importantly: bring so many clothes with them! Seriously, I’d like to know.

On that humorous note, now the real deal begins. I’m finishing my week (and weekend) with some business meetings, a review of all the past shows, editing some of my pictures from Paris, writing my reviews, sending e-mails, planning my next trips, shooting some new outfits and on top of all, celebrating my love’s birthday! How’s that for a post-fashion week schedule? Hashtag : I Love My Job (and I’m not even sarcastic!).

Oh and if you’re wondering why this post is called sexy thing, it’s simply because Aquazurra named this shoe this way. Souvenir from the shopping event I hosted at Wink in NYC!












Sweater: A.L.C (worn in S)

Shorts: Sandro (similar here)

Ear Cuff : LeiVanKash (SS14 collection)

Ring: Jennifer Zeuner (or in gold here)

Bag: Céline

Shoes: Aquazurra (more colors here)

Photos by Lina Bessonova


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  • Gaetan Goiran

    J’aime absolument TOUT!!!!!!

  • Gaetan Goiran

    J’aime absolument TOUT!!!

  • You look marvelous. Love the sweater and the sexy heels.

    xx glamdevils

  • Render Sublime

    You busy little thing! Wow, sounds like an amazing moth and busy times ahead! Love your new shoes x

  • Love the shoes!

  • Love your skirt and heels! You’re sublime.

    Mafalda ❤

  • Ilse Werther

    The Aquazzura heels look beautiful on you Soraya. We can’t wait to see you at WiNK again! xoxo from the WiNK Girls.

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