November 18, 2013

Here’s an outfit we shot on Geneva’s the countryside. I loved the colors of the trees and the light, we wanted to capture that before it’s all gone! For this look, I’m wearing my favorite colors of the season, navy and grey and created a very relaxed outfit. It’s all about comfort these days, so why not just put on a pair of New Balance to the mix?

By the way, today is a very special post because you can win the silver nail bracelet from Mateo bijoux in collaboration with pictured in this outfit. Isn’t it beautiful? There’s only one way for you to win : leave a comment below ( until Wednesday 20th of November at midnight GMT+1) and your name will be randomly selected. I’ll personally ship your bracelet (worth 175.00 €) to wherever you are in the world !

Good luck everyone! You might also want to win this bracelet as a gift for one of your friends too, Christmas is just around the corner!














Jacket: 3.1 Phillip Lim

Hat, Pants & Knit: Zara

Bag: Celine

Bracelets: Mateo Bijoux at

Sneakers: New Balance

Photos by Lina Bessonova


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  • Gaelle Augé-Freytag

    Looking great as usual Soraya !

  • Ka Elle

    Gorgeous outfil as usual !!!!
    And would be so haaaapppyyy and lucky lucky to win this “Christmas” giveaway
    Here is my name Ka Elle and my email :
    Fingers (all of them xO crossed)

  • Bianca Rogoveanu

    Entering! I love the bag

  • Sophie Montalcini

    Love the jacket !!!!!

  • Great mix of prints and love how you paired the sneakers with pants

  • elen

    great outfit and amazing giveaway!
    i hope to win!

  • Nat

    Great look! Would love to win the bracelet and make it a xmas gift to me! 😉

  • Tsiory

    Perfect autumn Sunday outfit!

  • Sara-max

    Love the hat!!

  • Perfect outfit! I saw that jacket at Zara and I really liked it. The pinstripe pants are awesome too. You rock!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Muriel Trucmuch

    Perfect look!!


  • Noor Al Baya

    Usually not a fan of these Nike’s, but lovvve these on you!
    Et C’est trop sympa et sincere de vous! Merci!

  • Ani Boboc

    Love the look and I would be so happy to win this amazing bracelet!

  • Salomé Ephrati

    Love it, continue comme ça Soraya, tout est absolument magnifique! 🙂

  • Souad

    Une tenue très inspirante ! J’aime ce mix du chic et du confort

  • Mand | M.O.O le Blog

    I love your style everyday MORE ! You are a truly inspirational girl and you always know how to keep it classy/cool 😉 For the bracelet, it is really beautiful and would be a daily wear for me !
    Xo Mandy.

  • Sine

    Just went out and bought the hat. Bit big, but will work with it.
    You look so freshfaced and cool!

  • Ksenia Timonen

    Loove the hat and the rest ofcourse. Bracelett looks amazing

  • Nina Elzas

    Love the hat, love the Nikes.. this look is the perfect mix of stylish and cozy.
    Definitely entering the competition! 🙂 Xx

  • morganed

    Love this outfit ! The jacket and the hat are great and the bracelet is amazing as well ! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  • Joanne Lawen

    You make Geneva glamourous. Thanks for the Inspiration.

  • Tina

    As always, the most wonderful close-up photos of details. Great style!
    P.S. Would also love to win the bracelet:-)

  • andrie

    Love your style Soraya you are sooo stylish !!!!!

  • Roxana

    Love the bracelet!

  • Laura

    Beautiful bracelet, beautiful blog. Thank you for the inspiration, and for the giveaway 🙂
    Laura G xx

  • Kelley

    So stylish, so chic.
    Your blog is always inspiring.

  • Hind BENNIS

    Très joli look d’automne ! J’aime particulièrement ta veste et le sac Céline !! Et tes cheveux sont superbes, beau mouvement et belle couleur !

  • Jasmina

    hooo on aime le bracelet! Toujours aussi parfaite

  • eleni


  • Jacqueline W

    Beautiful colours, love the deep hues of your outfit.


  • Sophie

    hey soraya! Love the sunlight, its perfect in autumn for great shoots! The hat is great with the zipper & leather! Would also doesnt mind if one could win your adorable rings as well 😉 love, sophie!

  • alexa

    Love this bracelet. I love how it adds a touch of edgy to any outfit, perfect alone or stacked! also I’m obsessed with your sneaks 🙂 x Alexa

  • Rikke

    Love your outfit !!

  • Sharon Bijo

    You always look great Soraya 🙂 Keep up the amazing job you’re doing! xxx

  • Magda Oltean

    You look very pretty! But in reality you are just amazing!!! Pictures dont do you justice! You are gorgeous! Saw you during edelweiss

  • Dina Abdelrazik

    Love this outfit and the setting! Fingers crossed on your bracelet giveaway – looks like the perfect piece to bring a little bit of edge to an outfit!

  • Yulia P

    The more I follow you the more I fall in love with your style! all the best wishes with your great job!

  • Margaret Mercado

    Love your style, so prefect! Must get me those New Balance sneakers, you make them look so cool!

  • Laura

    I love you Soraya joon ! You are beautiful !

  • Ana Mcfee

    Nice Outfit! And fun giveaway! 🙂

  • sorayachmou

    J’aime bien le manteau, tu es vraiment superbe ! et super le giveaway, je participe !

  • Karin

    I like your style as it is less is more.

  • Carinne

    The silver nail bracelet from Mateo bijoux is the perfect present for Christmas. And what gorgeous look for this freezing winter. So great.

  • Parisa

    I love that Celine purse<3 can I win that?:D

  • Jens Ken Lundstrom

    so beautiful look!
    You re really cute in these outfits!
    nice photos too!

  • Sandra

    Superbe sac ! Et très beau bracelet!

  • Love the zipper detail on the hat!

  • Alexandra Holmes

    LOVE! Love the outfit! Love the bracelet! Gorgeous!

  • Sofia Dutra

    Love the bracelete!

  • Irene Laura
  • Liana Nutt

    Great outfit! Just my style!

  • Zeina H

    Loving the look ❤️

  • Joy Isabelle

    Loving the fashion and the photography by Lina. Talented ladies and inspiring style!

  • Shahed Dashti

    Love the look and the scenery!

  • Maïlys Perrenoud

    Looks toujours pointus, toujours souriante, et de très jolies photos. J’aime! (Et le bracelet aussi, je l’aime!)

  • Neda

    I like the idea of wearing the formal pants with the comfy sneakers 🙂

  • Maryam Hanifi

    Your posts are great Soraya! I’m loving your Fall style along with the color schemes you are putting together.

  • bota_bo

    so stylish and cozy! love it all!
    Bo, xx

  • Weronika

    Cały zestaw rewelacyjny, ale “gwoździem programu” jest bransoletka! I commented Your outfit in Polish because in our language we have the best idiom to descibe it. I wrote: All outfit is great, but “a star attraction” is a bracelet! Only that the Polish idiom “gwóźdź programu” litteraly we can translete: “the nail of the programme” and your bracelet has exactly the same shape!

  • UP

    Love your style ♥

  • Morgane P

    Aller, je participe 😉
    Super look au passage 😉

  • Ann-Kathrin D.

    Very nice jacket. Totally love your outfits. <3

  • Lauren

    what a great hat! et merci pour le giveaway!!

  • chloé

    very cute bracelet!:)

  • Tselin Gwee

    Nice bracelet! 🙂 Hope that I’ll win it and thanks for organizing this giveaway!

  • ilayda

    i am totally in love with your bag! and love the look! x

  • Estelle Decosterd

    Stunning as always Soraya!!

  • Amir Fiechter

    Hope I’ll be lucky enough to be chosen :* ton compatriote

  • Elena


  • Elena

    I love your outfit 🙂 ciao ciao

  • Farnaz Razavi

    Beautiful as always, love your style.

  • Aliaa El Saloussi

    Laidback yet Sophisticated.

  • Coralie

    Parfaite! J’adore le retour au New Balance…

  • Olivia Fa

    Big love for that jacket and the country side of Geneva!

  • Alexandra Albu

    I absolutely adore the outfit, especially the hat. As always, great style!

  • Cristina

    Really enjoy your style perfection!

  • Leyla Goldfinger

    Beautiful girl and a great outfit as always
    I love when you mix Zara items with designer ones. You are true inspiration for me. There is no other blogs I check every single day and I wish to meet you one day.

  • Avita H

    The outfit, the hair, the smile an the countryside, you “nailed” it! Thank you for being such an incredible style inspiration!

  • Nazila Sattari

    J’adore ton style. You have incredible style/taste x

  • Michelle Yedid

    I love the outfit!!!

  • Hania Rouhani

    Love the bracelet, and absolutely love your style!

  • Hania R.

    I absolutely adore your eye for fashion, mix of patterns and textures and taste for accessories. Keep on styling!

    • Soraya Bakhtiar

      congratulations Hania! you are the winner of the Mateo Bijoux & Caratime giveaway! Please send me your email so I can proceed with the shipping 🙂 xoxo

  • atieh a

    I recently came across your blog and since then I check it everyday! just wanted to say that this outfit is very comfi and chic!
    I also love your hat.keep up the good work!x

  • Elizabeth Ward Langston

    I love that coat too! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Joujou

    Love the hat and the New Balance! Xx

  • Nadia Augsburger

    love the look

  • Marianne

    I’m totally in love with those bracelets!

  • Afef

    Love this look and the bracelets, hope I can win one 🙂

  • Intern Sana

    Sneakers and pinstripes – perfection

  • Isabel

    J’adore le bracelet, je tente ma chance pour en gagner un. Je te croise souvent à Genève, j’espère qu’un jour j’aurais vraiment le courage de venir te parler !
    Bonne soirée,


  • Fatima Saghair

    Wish I had a smaller head to wear hats, they are very feminine and elegant. Dying for that gorgeous bracelet

  • Natasha De Heney

    Gorgeous look!

  • Emilie-Julie

    Very nice look 🙂 Always pretty

  • TinatinK

    Amazing, love it!

  • MonaMoj

    Zara has some great stuff! 🙂 Love the pinstriped trousers!

  • Joy Isabelle

    Loveeee the outfit!

  • Meryem benabderrazik

    Love the bracelets and love your look.
    J’espère être l’heureuse élue !
    Bonne continuation soraya!

  • Laura D Brian

    I like your dark brows and light hair combo

  • bridjet post

    Gorgeous Soraya!

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