March 14, 2017

Introducing the new Gabrielle bag from Chanel, the first bag the French label launches since the iconic Boy bag. I have to admit that at first I wasn’t so sure about it, until I wore it and saw it worn. All the women at the show were wearing it and now I just love the style of it and how it can be worn in so many different ways. This outfit feels very Springy but I’m just tired of wearing dark colors at the moment. Then again, here I’m playing with prints, colors, textures and materials. I added a little hardware from Joelle Kharrat‘s collection that feels very Egyptian inspired. These photos were taken by the lovely Fanny Dussol in Paris right after the Chanel show and Alisha came to my room for breakfast and took care of my makeup.

chanelparisaw17 - 1 (1)

chanelparisaw17 - 3 (1)

chanelparisaw17 - 4 (1)

chanelparisaw17 - 5 (1)

chanelparisaw17 - 6 (1)

chanelparisaw17 - 7 (1)

chanelparisaw17 - 8 (1)

chanelparisaw17 - 2 (1)

chanelparisaw17 - 9 (1)

chanelparisaw17 - 11 (1)

chanelparisaw17 - 12 (1)

chanelparisaw17 - 10 (1)

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