August 29, 2014

A few months ago, Marie Ferrari, the founder of Smoothies Addict in Geneva, approached me with a really cool idea : a smoothie workshop for bloggers. Therefore, Alienor, Macha and I took part in this yummy adventure. I never thought that making smoothies would be this much fun and I always thought they were a fatty alternative to regular juices, but wait. I was wrong (shame on me) and I got a proper education about smoothies and all the super foods that can be added to the mix. Did you know that Chia seeds are excellent for digestions and gives you a boost of energy? Did you know that Almond milk is much healthier than soy milk? And the list goes on…


If you live in Geneva and you’re interested in attending a smoothie workshop with your mother of your friends (only 40.-chf per person), get in touch with Marie. In addition, Marie stocks a lot of products that can be sold, such as the VaiVai Coconut waters (my favorite, as seen on the photo below) and other ingredients that are essential into creating healthy smoothies (such as Spirulina, Baobab powder, Coconut butter, chia seeds, maca powder, and easy-to-use and affordable blenders).


Long story short. It was a very enjoyable experience and education and I’ve now been completely hooked! Of course, smoothies do not replace meals, but because us bloggers are always on the go, I love to make myself a healthy smoothie in the morning and one in the afternoon instead of snacking on junk. You all know what I mean.


I also wanted to share a Q&A that was published on Marie’s blog, that I translated in English for you.

Smoothies Addict: Soraya, what’s your recipe or tip when it comes to staying healthy ?

I squeeze half a lemon in a bit of water every morning and I try to avoid coffee and sodas. Every season or at least twice a year I go on a 5-day juice cleanse to really get red of all the toxins in my body.  

Smoothies Addict: And regarding exercise, what do you do to stay fit and how many times a week? 

There’s no secret, if you want results and stay healthy, you have to work out often. Very often. I try to train 5x a week. I do yoga 2-3 times per week and I workout at the gym 3 times a week as well, I do a bit of pilates, cardio and cross fitness. 

Smoothies Addict: What’s you favorite food in the world and what’s your favorite healthy recipe?

I love quinoa. At home, I cook it with olives, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, dried raisins, mint, feta cheese topped with an olive oil/lemon dressing.  So yummy! I can eat it every day for weeks. 

Smoothies Addict: What’s your favorite cocktail ?Ton cocktail préféré?

It’s not very original, but I’m quite traditional. I’ll always have a Gin (preferably Hendricks) with a slice of cucumber.  

Smoothies Addict: What’s your ultimate beauty secret? 

Coconut oil, for the hair and for the body. Very hydrating and smells yummy. 

Smoothies Addict: Your favorite beauty product? 

Without a doubt, the Glam Glow Super-Mud mask, can’t live without it!

Smoothies Addict: What’s your worse habit? 

Honestly, there are so many, but I think that the one that really affects me on a daily basis is the lack of sleep.  

Smoothies Addict: What do you eat in the morning?

I’m not really a morning person, I don’t have a lot of appetite, but I’ll have a fruit or stewed apples, or a smoothie. It all dépends on the amount of time I have. On weekends I’ll have avocado on toasts, with eggs and a yogurt granola. 

Smoothies Addict: Considering that you travel a lot, what’s your secret to stay in shape?

It really all comes down to having a healthy lifestyle and it’s all about balance. I try to avoid wheat as much as I can, drink lots of water and workout as much as I can, even on holidays… 

Smoothies Addict: Your favorite spot to take the edge off? 

A beach or a spa. 

Smoothies Addict: When you’re eating out, what do you usually order ? 

I’m not really into red meat anymore (unless it’s a burger), but I’ll often pick fish or chicken over red meat.  

Smoothies Addict: Can you give us a healthy and easy recipe for summer?

In the summer, I’m all about salads and veggies. I think that my favorite is watermelon salads with spinach leaves, olives and feta cheese, it sounds like an odd mix but it’s really refreshing and delicious.


Thank you Smoothies Addict! For more information, visit:

Photos by Vincent Bidoyet

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Pants: American Retro

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