July 27, 2012

After my hair post earlier this month, it only seems natural to now tackle what I use for my face. Worry not, I don’t use all the products above on a daily basis but I use them during different seasons and at different moments of the day. I’ve been meaning to share with you some of my magic face elixir. Let me walk you through them…

KIEHL’S Rose Water toner

I’m so sad this product is discontinued, but I always use it whenever I want to freshen up my skin without applying to many products.

LAURA MERCIER Purifying cleansing oil

For me, this is the best make-up remover. It’s slightly oily and when in contact with water it magically turns into a milky texture. Heaven! You can use is every night and morning, as face wash too, it takes away all the impurities and signs of pollution. Trust me, I’ve tried so many because I wear waterproof mascara and this little one never fails to disappoint me.

CLARISONIC mia cleansing brush

Ok, I have to admit that I was very skeptical about this little object. After much consideration and investigation, I decided to get my hands on this Clarisonic face brush. If gives your skin a gentle peel and deep cleansing. Pair it with any face wash and it will do the trick. For more information, visit their official website also available online on ASOS.

KIEHL’S Micro-dermabrasion face scrub

Once a week, or every other week, it’s important to give your skin a little scrub, this will will help to get rid of dead skin cells, and your tan will last much longer if you do it regularly (but not too much!). If you want a very effective result, use it with a Clarisonic brush.

KIEHL’S Midnight Recovery concentrate

The essential oils in this little jar certainly know how to work their magic. Ideal after a long day or if you’re traveling, apply a few drops and massage all over your face before going to sleep. In the morning you’ll wake-up feeling fresh. Between you and me, if you’ve been drinking and you’re afraid of how you’ll look for Sunday’s lunch with the family, this is exactly what you need to make your hangover face go away! Available online here and here.

KIEHL’S avocado eye cream

Just for your eyes, this creamy eye treatment does wonders. If you’re in your mid-twenties, prevention starts now ladies.


Just like vaseline, Egyptian Magic is an all purpose cream. I use it on my nose after a cold, around the eyes, on the lips or for dehydrated skin (caution: do not use every day!). In the summer, after a sunburn sometimes you’r skin very dehydrated and starts peeling off, I apply a little bit of Egyptian Magic all over my face and rinse it off in the morning. Hydration to the max! You can find it at Liberty’s in London, in Henry Bendel in New York or in any Urban Outfitters

AESOP B Triple C Balancing Gel

 I could go on and on about AESOP products, I’m so happy they opened in Geneva. I got this get a few weeks ago and it’s been a real delight to use it. The texture might seem a bit odd, as it feels like honey but with an oily feel, it penetrates really quickly into the skin and nourishes it with a high dose of vitamin C.  I use it at night, under my make-up, it hydrates the skin and takes the shine off. I strongly suggest you give it a try! It’s absolutely wonderful.

LA MER Moisturizing gel cream 

Despite what everyone thinks or says about La Mer, I just love their products and the moisturizing gel cream is perfect for the summer, as it is way much lighter than the regular one. You can apply it in the morning and at night if you wish. You well definitely not get the greasy feel to go to the beach! Tip: cheaper in the US – click here to shop!

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