February 22, 2016

It’s fashion week and I’ve been super busy but wanted to share with you my “coolsculpting experience” as many of you asked me questions about it after seeing it on Snapchat 2 weeks ago. Now that time has gone by, I can give you proper feedback about it. A few months ago, my friend Victoria (who has a really cool blog by the way) told me about this cool sculpting treatment over lunch at Colette when I was in Paris.
At first, I was a little reluctant after seeing pictures of what the machine looks like. Basically it looks like a giant vacuum machine. So, coolsculpting freezes sucks your skin for an hour and freezes it. In a nutshell this is exactly what it does. My first reaction was: “What do you mean it freezes your fat cells?”. Obviously, I made my little research and found some explanations online and before/after pictures. This machine operates from -9°c to -12°c. Not only does it destroy up to 30% of fat cells in one hours but most importantly it is NON-INVASIVE. It’s like getting a lipo without getting surgery.
I know you must be thinking where my fat cells are, but the truth is, I like to go out, I like to eat sweets and I like my cocktails and wine and I felt like it was starting to show on my outter thighs. No matter how much I work out, it’s an area that I never managed to get rid of that stored fat.
I know it’s only February but summer is slowly coming up. I found a place in London that offers that treatment, right off Westbourne Grove in Notting Hill, called Lazeo Clinic. The staff was very friendly and reassured me about the procedure and I really felt like I was in good hands.
I can’t wait to see the results in three months, but I already feel like this area is slowly shrinking. It takes time, I know, but it’s totally worth it. Of course, I’ll keep you posted !
Coolsculpting is a bit pricy but you only need one session. It starts at £650 but the more body parts you do the less expensive it is. The good new is that if you mention my name you get £100 off your treatment. Which is totally worth it. So next time you think about purchasing that pair of shoes or handbag, invest the money on yourself, you’ll thank me later.
 For more information, visit: or call: +4420 7221 2248

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