CLINIQUE Moisture Surge

June 9, 2016

As some of you have noticed, I rarely speak about beauty products on my blog, and the reason behind it is because I usually stick to the same products as I know what works for me and I’m not very adventurous when it comes to beauty and makeup. With that being said, when Clinique approached me about their new Moisture-Surge range, I tried the products for a week to see if they were a good fit with me before putting this blog post together. If I’m going to write a review on any beauty products, I want it to be 100% sincere and this is what my blog’s motto is all about. I’ve been a Clinique customer for the past 10 years and I already use the Deep-Comfort Body Butter, the Anti-Perspirant Roll On Deodorant and the High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara (seriously amazing by the way) on a daily basis.

In all honesty, for my face I’ve always struggled to find the right moisturizer as my skin is a bit oily so sometimes I just don’t wear any moisturizer at all (big mistake I know!) or just a light serum at night because I don’t want to make my skin oiler and clog my pores. And I end up having very dehydrated skin. But that’s now all in the past. Since I’ve started using the Moisture-Surge Extended Thirst Relief in the morning and at night, I can already see major results. In other words, I just feel like a have a new face, with softer, supple and hydrated skin. First of all, I love the gel-like texture, it feels light and fresh on the skin and minimizes the very fine dry lines. And second of all, it’s suitable for all skin types and can be used at any time in the day and throughout the four seasons.



In my opinion, the best part is to use it over your makeup just to give you that little fresh and dewy look. Which is what I did on for this post on my forehead and under-eye area and cheekbones. In addition to all of its amazing properties, it also has the ideal format to carry around in your bag too and makes it the perfect travel companion. The Moisture Surge Face Spray is also a good one to own too!

So ladies, mark my words, if you’re looking of a little miracle in a jar, look no further than this little one from Clinique. I promise that you won’t be disappointed (and I’m not just saying that because this post was sponsored). No wonder it’s the brands best-seller!



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  • finding the right moisturiser has been a life long search but I started using this same cream 3 months ago and will never look back!

  • I’ve been using Clinique products since my teens and I refuse to change. I’ve tried moisture surge and I love how light it feels on the skin.

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