about soraya bakhtiar

written by Kim Remeto-Spacek

The world of fashion has become a cyclone that whizzes through each season, and despite the overwhelmed audience left in its wake, the storm only continues to gather speed. At the eye of this confusing whirlwind, Soraya Bakhtiar can be found, calm and confident. With designer-clad feet rooted deeply in her desire to share her creative vision and original style with both designers and devotees, Soraya is a faceted force all her own, navigating fashion’s offerings with effortless class.

Soraya passionately embraces new and exciting design in all of its forms, making it clear that she hails from a long line of creative women. Soraya’s mother revels in the world of knitwear, her grandmother garners respect for her writing, and her aunt, Alyaa Kamel, creates art and poetry. Nurtured and inspired by these women, Soraya graduated from the renowned London College of Fashion with a Fashion Journalism Master’s degree, counting internships with for renowned publications such as Elle UK and Tank Magazine and worked as a PR for Elie Saab in 2013. After devoting herself to the label with vigor, Soraya made the fortuitous decision to concentrate solely on her popular blog and exciting freelance opportunities.
Soraya’s illustrious blog continues to grow, evolve, and inspire as a staple in the fashion community. With this success, and possessing extensive knowledge and experience, Soraya cuts an admirable and respectable figure among the industry’s elite. She is trusted to represent and support the most authentic, ground-breaking brands such as Chanel, Piaget, Topshop, Sandro, LuisaViaRoma, Net-a-Porter, The Outnet, to name a few. She has recently become focused on guiding new and extraordinary labels to their rightful place in the spotlight. Whether it be styling a shoot, contributing to pivotal product developments, or assisting in the design and execution of a strong visual identity, Soraya is dedicated to bolstering emerging names and contributing to their success.

Today, Soraya calls London home. She thrives on the buoyant pulse of the fashion capital, and is a vibrant participant in its fresh and exciting scene. And though her love for London is absolute, this natural influencer craves and is truly inspired by the mosaic of diversity that she is exposed to on her global adventures. Recently, her strong family heritage drawn her to Dubai, and she was enchanted by the talented, emerging designers that the area boasts. Since, her heart has become set on increasing her expertise in the Middle East by fostering relationships and creating magic with these glittering newcomers.

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